Bonnie Blue Inn Bed & Breakfast

"Where Country Charm meets southern hospitality" 

          The Bonnie Blue Inn Bed & Breakfast, the private residence  of several families, was built in the late 1800's.  Probably the most well known and remembered owner was Mr. Orville Foutch.  Orville was know in Warren County for his music.  He played his fiddle every year at the Warren County fair and other events.  He was legally blind and received book, magazines and papers on record, many of which were found during renovation.  Orville lived in the house until 1986.  the house remained empty until we acquired the property in 2003 and began renovations soon afterward.  During the renovation, we found many interesting items:  letters, pictures, and child's bicycle cap and a 1908 almanac just to name a few.  These items along with pictures of the renovation are on display at the inn..

(Top picture) The house before renovations began.

(Bottom picture)  This is a picture of Jewel Foutch.  This is printed from a negative found during renovation.  Circa 1930's.